Blasting Off For New Adventures

I’m excited to share that, this April, I’ll be joining Postman as the Director for API Platforms and Digital Transformation. I’ll be reporting to Kin Lane, Chief API Evangelist. I’m the latest addition to Postman’s Open Technologies group, an incredible, assembled group of industry-leading professionals.

Postman, as many developers already know, sets the bar for API collaboration excellence. I’ll get to help companies build their API lifecycle management and governance programs on that incredible bedrock.

I’m excited to get started and look forward to meeting all my future fellow Postmanauts!

Postman Logo

While I’m eager to look forward, I would be remiss to not say a few words about the past. Thank you to those at Capital One for an incredibly educational five and a half years. I’m proud of so much of that early, ecosystem-enabling work. That effort has scaled to thousands of schema-defined, affordance-consistent microservices that perform half a billion requests a day. From training to the collaborations, from tool development to analysis, every day was an opportunity to grow as a professional.

A half-decade is also long enough to see initial assumptions grow, change, and take on a life of their own. Relationships form and strongly held ideals evolve beyond the first contact with production. I have a different level of professional maturity now that I didn’t have at the start, even if the past year has mostly been unkempt hair and sweatshirts.

There remain a vast number of folks there continuing to create positive change. I see you, salute you, and want you to know I will continue to root for you. I also wish my former team the best of luck; you have taught me a tremendous amount. Now the wheel is yours. You’re driving where things go next. You’ve got this. I believe in you!

It will be a busy next few months. In 2015, my family moved to the East Coast for the Capital One job. The pandemic and limited travel options impressed just how removed the northern Virginia region is from our extended families. So we’ll be taking advantage of Postman’s 100% remote allowance and moving our circus to the Midwest.

That’s a lot of uff-da for now, but we’ll break lefse soon enough. Skol and boldness to you, friends!