Picture of Matthew presenting at the 2014 API Strategy Conference.
Matthew Presenting at the 2014 API Strategy and Practice Conference — Photo by Kin Lane

Howdy. My name is Matthew and I am the Lead for the Capital One API Center of Excellence. Previously, I established the API governance program at Pearson. Before that I evangelized, developed, and grew the RESTful API initiative at Placewise Media.

From 2003-2014 I ran my own web software consultancy, Vox Pop Design. It employed geographically dispersed development and design collaborators. Together, we created solutions used by Adobe, FedEx, Cricket Communications, and the state governments of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, among others. While fun, I think I'm still catching up on sleep from this period.

Picture of Matthew presenting at the CFObjective 2014 Conference.
Speaking at CFObjective 2014. Photo by Oğuz Demirkapı

When not doing complex software process design, I tend to skew toward writing, speaking, and community building. I've been quoted online some (Capital One DevExchange, API2Cart, Programmable Web). I've also written professionally for the websites Web Worker Daily (RIP) and Utah Pulse. From April 2005 to August 2009 I was president of the Salt Lake City ColdFusion User's Group, an officially affiliated Adobe organization. I co-founded the Blogging for Business (B4B) Conference in 2007; an event about ethically using social media for business ends. In 2008 I produced the RIA Dev Shed, an event focused on next generation Rich Internet Applications. Finally, for much of the mid-Aughts, I ran a monthly indie web creator get-together called CodeAway.

Picture of Matthew presenting at the 2015 Capital One API Summit.
Matthew onstage at the 2015 Capital One API Summit — Photo by Lorinda Brandon