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Just off the JustFab Elevator
Arriving at JustFab's Los Angeles Office.

After several months of carefully considering what my next professional adventure would be I signed a letter of intent with JustFab in October. To dismiss them as only an online shoe store is doing them a disservice. The experienced management team, each with several exits between them (including MySpace), is well on their way to building a household fashion brand. Much of their growth is powered by some incredible mobile development. While this includes consumer facing apps they are also pioneering some novel solutions in their fulfillment and retail operations. I am the first employee for their newly minted Enterprise API group. My job is provide the expertise to keep the bits flowing to fuel their continued growth. This November I traveled to the offices of JustFab for strategic planning and architecture meetings. These are a handful of pics from inside a soon-to-be billion dollar startup, located in sunny El Segundo.

Inside the Lobby
An array of promotional clips and photoshoot outtakes plays on repeat in the lobby.

It is always fun to set up a Google alert for your new employer and see a number of pieces. Whether it's closing a $40 million C-round or acquiring a main rival there's plenty to do. Like any upstart drawing attention, there are challenges. But those challenges are at a scale where things get real fun.